Body coil for targeted imaging in the chest and abdomen
Hyperpolarised 13C image of porcine kidney superimposed on 1H body coil image
He image of the lungs from dual 20 cm coil

Body coils giving targeted MR Imaging or spectroscopy in the chest and abdomen

• Dual element 20 cm diameter coils placed above and below the body
• Nuclei: 31P, 19F, 23Na, 13C, 3He, 7Li, 129Xe
• Designed to contour to different body shapes to maximise sensitivity.
• Foam covering for optimal comfort.
• Coils are 1H body coil compatible for 1H imaging. 19F and 3He coils feature active detuning.

Example applications

• Natural abundance 23Na or hyperpolarised 13C imaging of the heart or kidney.
• 129Xe or 3 He for hyperpolarised studies of the lungs.
• 19F coils used to study potential of various fluorinated agents in the intestine or liver.

Multinuclear phantoms

All our RF coils can be provided with bespoke phantoms. These provide:

• Tissue equivalent body loading
• Reference sample containers
• Designed for use in QA, coil calibration and spectral optimisation

Data courtesy of Dr. Jim Wild, Academic
Department of Radiology, University of Sheffield
Products are available for investigational use only