Surface coils for 31P, 13C, 23Na or 1H.
Image using 15 mm surface coil from whole mouse brain tissue sample. Courtesy of Dr P-W So, Kings College, London.

A range of coil types and sizes for pre-clinical studies on MR systems at 3.0T, 4.7T, 7.0T and 9.4T.

Coils are offered as either standard designs or are customised to your requirements.

Surface coils

• Sizes from 8 mm diameter upwards.
• Thin and flexible coils providing close coupling with the target tissue.
• Rigid and adjustable mounting to animal bed providing accurate localization over target tissue.
• 1H coils or X-nuclei also available

Array coils

• Two or four element arrays optimized for heart or brain, for mice or rats.
• Active detuned receive coils with very low noise, low impedance  pre-amplifiers
• 1H coils as standard design,  X-nuclei also available