Dual tuned, array coil for the liver, heart or abdomen
31P spectra from CSI study=, voxels as shown in image below.

Close fitting 13C, 31P or 23Na surface array coil for spectroscopy in the abdomen and chest.

• Quadrature X nucleus coil provides enhanced coverage and penetration.
• Quadrature 1H coil pair
• Designed for minimised SAR thus maximising duty cycle giving optimal decoupling performance.
• 1H coil provides high sensitivity imaging capability.
• Foam flex for ultimate comfort and fit to body shape.
• The subject can either lie on the coil or the coil can be strapped over the target region, held in place with the body strap.
• Integrated interchangeable reference sample for chemical reference, calibration and quantification.
• Fiducials markers provide identification of coil position in 1H images.

Applications include

• Liver
• Heart
• All regions of the abdomen

Products are available for investigational use only