Coil with interchangeable reference sample.
Dual element 10 cm coils for the head or leg
31P cardiac spectra from 10 cm coil. Courtesy of Newcastle Magnetic Resonance Centre, Newcastle University

Surface coils for MRI/S at medium penetration depths

  • Standard coil sizes: 6 or 10 cm.
  • Nuclei: 31P, 19F, 23Na, 13C, 3He, 7Li, 129Xe.
  • All coils compatible with 1H body coil imaging.

Example research applications

• 6 cm 31P RF coil optimised for spectroscopy of the calf muscle.
• 10 cm 31P RF coil for spectroscopy of the heart. Sensitive volume avoids signal from the diaphragm giving very high quality cardiac spectra.
• Dual element surface coils with variable spacing ensuring close coupling to the target tissue, which in turn gives maximum sensitivity.

Interchangeable reference samples

These coils are fitted with an integrated reference sample for chemical reference, calibration and quantification.

Multinuclear test objects

Test objects are available with tissue equivalent body loading and the facility to insert reference samples for quality assessment, calibration and spectral protocol optimisation.

Products are available for investigational use only